Advanced Training Course “The conservation of archaeological wood with particular regard to Egyptian sarcophagi"

On the occasion of an international project aimed at the realization of an exhibition on Ancient Egypt and the public restoration of artifacts of that time, the Istituto Europeo del Restauro offers a practical course of advanced training entitled "The Conservation of archaeological wood with particular reference to Egyptian sarcophagi".

The course is exclusively intended for restorers and will provide the opportunity to learn and apply methods and techniques needed for the restoration of archaeological wood, with particular reference to the artifacts of Egyptian culture.

The course will offer participants the opportunity to take part in an experience of laboratory work at an advanced level, during which they will study, deepen and carry out preservation and restoration techniques on polychrome wooden archaeological materials.



The course will take place from 25th November 2022 to 26th February 2023



IER Egyptian sarcophagi restoration laboratory, Piacenza



To train specialists capable of operating independently or in teams, at a national and international level.



The course will be mainly practical, theoretical topics covered will be integrated during laboratory hours.

Participants will be part of a real team of students and teachers that will carry out an intervention on an important Egyptian archaeological find during the course.

The didactic program will provide theoretical and practical lessons on wood degradation factors, construction techniques of wooden artefacts, construction and decorative techniques of Egyptian sarcophagi, methodologies and problems of the conservation of archaeological wood, use of lasers for cleaning artifacts, methods of wood disinfestation, comparison between ancient and modern conservation techniques.

The course is very demanding and requires perseverance, attention and commitment, besides special attention to the professional ethics ​​needed to work in a team.



The course is aimed at Italian and foreign candidates, restorers or graduates in programs related to the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage.



The course is intensive. It lasts 3 months, 6 days a week, 7,5 hours a day.



Admitted students will be awarded a scholarship that will cover the entire cost of the course and will also include a grant of €1,500.00 which will be paid after the end of the course to those who will have positively completed the program.

Participants will also be provided free of charge:

  • personal insurance
  • individual and shared accident prevention devices
  • all the equipment and materials needed for work in the laboratory
  • house in common with the other participants for the duration of the course



In order to apply the candidates must send the following documents:

  • curriculum vitae, on which the required qualifications and previous experiences in the field of restoration are clearly shown
  • short motivational letter
  • copy of personal ID document
  • one or more letters of reference from a professor or former employer written on letterhead paper, which proves the seriousness of the candidacy and to understand the degree of preparation of the candidate (optional but positively evaluated)

The documents must be sent to the email address: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Suitable candidates will be contacted for an online interview

Application deadline: 10th November 2022. Applications will be examined in order of arrival

The selection results will be communicated personally to successful applicants by e-mail



It is possible to request more information by sending an e-mail to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.



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